Easy Hand-made Gifts

Well Christmas is right around the corner and lately I have been hearing from a lot of people that they are interested in creating hand-made gifts! Which is a wonderful way to share from the heart. Additionally, handmade gifts is a great idea if you have a strict budget during the holidays.

Here I listed a few easy crafts you can do for gifts for all ages:)

Coins wrapped up like candy! Coins are a perfect gift for quite a few people, kids love them for the arcade. The college student loves them for laundry, and if you know people who use public transportation this is perfect for the bus, and for parking meters:) It is very simple.

You simply have a roll of coins and you can wrap it in wrapping paper, if you don’t have candy stripped wrapping paper, you can simply wrap it in a white sheet of paper and wrap ribbon or colorful string around it and tape at the bottom. I then wrap it with cellophane and tie the end with a red bow.

Personalized Notepads – The next hand-made gift is so simple and so cute. You might have a blank notepad around the house, and if not, they are very inexpensive at your local paper store or any other store you have nearby (staples, officemax, target, walmart) Notepads typically are already adhered to each other, which makes it simple to write on the sides, if your is not adhered, simply grab a thin rubber band and hold them together like below. With a thick marker you or a child can write a message for any loved one (mom, dad, grandparents)

The last quick gift idea is food. Food always makes a wonderful gift. Its easy and everyone loves it! Glass containers are quite inexpensive and can be found in many places: dollar stores, craft stores and many other places. If you cannot find glass containers, then I recommend boxes or metal tins lined with wax paper or tissue paper. Give someone their favorite cookies, or a mix of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal and sugar cookies. If you don’t have time to make them, you can always buy the cookies in large bags and make more than one hand-made quick gift:)