With the holidays coming to an end we are hearing the wonderful news of couples tying-the-knot! Do you know of a couple who is getting married in 2013, 2014, 2015? This year will be a big wedding year for my friends and clients who will be making the commitment of dedicating their love to their significant other. What a wonderful and amazing time for friends and families to come together to  celebrate this one in a life time moment.

As so many of you know, I love to throw a good party and often times don’t need a reason, but an engagement is the perfect reason to bring people together.  An Engagement Party gives you the opportunity to officially announce your engagement to your friends and family by inviting them to personally congratulate you and your bride/groom.  You may be bouncing off the wall with excitement that you are getting married, but I’m pretty sure your sister, mother, and your best friends are right there with you, so let them celebrate with you!!!

The Knot is an excellent resource for brides thinking of having an Engagement Party. I like this source because it speaks to the range an Engagement Party can take; from informal to formal.  I will add in my opinion that guest who are invited to an engagement party hosted by the bride and groom should also be invited to the wedding; however if the party is hosted by others than there is no commitment to send an invite for the wedding day.

Below is our favorite engagement invite created by yours truly at A Delicate Gift.