{Event} Little RockStar

This weekend we celebrated my son’s 1/2 birthday. I know I know you are saying 1/2 birthday! But when you are  an event planner you enjoy celebrating and styling at every opportunity. My son, Mason, loves LOVES to dance! It’s one of his favorite activities to do with Dad (mom can’t dance), so this was an easy theme to design. I also decided I would use simple but bold colors, black, gray, white, and green! I think the green was just perfect!

Here are a few photos:

We used a vendor from Etsy:Bites Baked Goods.  We loved plating these on white serving dishes along side “drums” made from our Mint oreos.

 Cake! We loved what Chickadee Hill Cakes did for us. Since it was a half birthday we wanted half the cake!!! Love how this came out

 The table also included guitar strings from black licorice, and drum sticks from pretzels and and marshmallows, and printables from yours truly.

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