Spring Cleaning with Free Printable Stationery

I know, I know! There is still snow on the ground and how can I be possibly be thinking about Spring Cleaning! Can you tell I am super excited about warmer weather coming to New England? At the beginning of each month (March 1st is tomorrow) I tend to do a little de-cluttering. I make sure everything is in its homes or has a home for that matter, sell or donate things I haven’t used, and make sure I am not buying anything new unless it has a home.

I am super excited to use my new chevron stationery to help me keep track of the things I need to do to keep organized! I live for lists so this was the perfect Freebie to give to my followers. I hope as you prepare to get ready for spring you will use the stationery to help you alone your goals.

The design details: 7 Colors, Red, Tangerine, Yellow, Green, Blue, Shocking(Pink), Grape. Designed as 3.75″ x 9″ and ready to print 2 to a page. Print as often as you need! I added a space for Date so that you can keep track what list you are working on!

Download: Please head over to my Facebook Page first . “Like” the page and then head back here to download.

So enjoy! Feel free to email me pictures of how you are using this Freebie. I love to see my followers using the things I design.

For other stationery check out my shop!

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