DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath

If you hadn’t heard we had a blizzard hit New England and fortunately it all ended well here in New Hampshire. I was even able to tackle a project I had on my mind for sometime now. I had purchased the supplies for as soon as the valentine’s candy hit the stores, so I’m so happy I was able to finish it (right in time for Valentine’s Day).

Back when I was in college I was one of those students that took FULL advantage of every last event offered. One of my favorite offerings was Weekend Crafts with Linda Wooster (via QU Athletics). She offered the best DIY projects (cupcake decorating, card making, candy wreaths, etc). I may have been the first student to sign up for each of her events.  I’d like to dedicate this post to her!

So here is my first attempt at a short tutorial called DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath.

 Supplies-first you will need to purchase the following supplies: 
– Candy ( 2 bags would be great, but remember I told you that I purchased the candy right when it hit the stores…. well as a result only 1.5 bags were left by the time I started this project).
–  Ribbon ( 5 feet recommended)
– Wreath – any shape. I looked for a heart shape, but I couldn’t find them this year. (straw- is the least expensive and the most effective( leave the plastic on so you don’t have a big mess).
– Florist greening pins ( you can find them at any stores that sell floral arrangement supplies).
– Scissors

2. Take your ribbon and wrap it around the wreath. Use the gardening pins to secure the ribbon. I like to fold the edges over to prevent any flaring showing after you remove the candy.

 3. Then you can begin attaching the candy you selected to the wreath. I suggest threading up to three pieces to one gardening pin.

4. Once you are done layering your candy go around the wreath one more time to make sure all the candy is attached and pins aren’t showing.

5. Its time to tie your bow…. I used a different color ribbon thinking that at the end when all the candy is gone I’d like to have some contrast on the wreath.

 6. I then decided to tie a loop on top to make hanging easier. I think this project took me no more then 20 minutes from start to finish. The bigger the wreath and the smaller the candy the longer the project.

I can’t wait to share this with my hubby on Valentine’s Day. I just hope he doesn’t read this between now and then : )

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