Birth Announcement!

No I am not pregnant! But you or someone you know may be and that’s why you are reading this post. I was looking at a few pictures back from when my son was born and remember feeling extremely unable to complete a simple task never mind send out birth announcements. My son was born toward the end of September and we sent our announcements combined with Thanksgiving Cards in early November.

So over the weekend I decided to combine our Nursery Prints with a Birth Announcement that I think would be so adorable to send out to family and friends or even to post on social media outlets such as Facebook because you know its not “official” until its on Facebook. This new announcement, in my shop, provides your new bundle of joy’s birthing stats in a poster style format. Colors and wording can be customized. 

So if you are pregnant it may be a good time to start thinking about sif you want to send out announcements and in what format. If you decide to have professional photos taken make sure you receive express permission from your photographer in order to use the photo in future stationery pieces.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our shop I would love for you to email me to discuss custom design options. 

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