Wedding Week Coming to an End

To end our wedding week I’d like to share with you 3 tips I have used and suggest to all my brides and friends:

1. If you are going to have flowers and need to coordinate linens, tables, chairs, plates, etc attempt to schedule your florist and then head to your linen appointment on the same day. Most florist will give you a sample centerpiece to look at and take with you. Use that sample centerpiece to bring to your linen appointment to try out a few different design options when picking tables, chairs, plates, etc.
This is your opportunity to try a variety of different styles and options. 

2. Have your photographer take photos of all your guests. As an extra Thank You to your guests surprise them with their professional photo inside the thank you card you send. Guests will love the keepsake and it will be a special touch to wrap up your very special day.

3. Have your wedding venue save you a plate of dinner and package your left over cake…you’ll be too busy to enjoy either that having something to bite into at the end of the night will be just what you need.

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