Part one of Circus Decor

As I promised here are some details of the Circus Party featured earlier this week.

The invitation was created in Photoshop (this is where I do most of my design work) using its stamping and brushing tools. I then took my file to Staples to have them print double sided and to cut. When I got home I took a ruler and my perforating tool (Tonic perforating tool) to preforate the invite details where I wanted to imitate the look of a ticket it also allowed guests to tear off the part of the invitation offering all the party details. 

What you don’t see in the picture is how I lined my envelopes with red/white paper giving my white plain envelopes a little bit more color. For more details on how to line your envelopes visit Martha Stewart’s site.  

A few other projects completed in Photoshop where the food labels, Popcorn “She is Ready to Pop” tags, favor tags, and signs on tables. Again I used brushes and stamps I had purchased for Photoshop.

The cotton candy and peanut bags were purchased at a local bakery. I think they charged me 2 cents per bag. Better then buying a hole box I didn’t need!

The elephants and giraffe see in the pictures above were purchased at Michael’s.
Additional decor included paper flowers and blue and red tickets throughout the room.

So much more to share. In the next day or two I’ll tell you more about the food, favors, and games played!

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